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Sunbrella 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic
Enduring Color

• UV resistant; colors stay strong and vibrant under intense sunlight
• Bleach cleanable
• Chlorine Resistant

Sumptuous Hand
• Sunbrella fabrics are soft, inviting & durable

Worry Free
• Stain resistant
• Easy to clean
• Mildew resistant

Fade-resistant – Sunbrella fabric is unmatched in resistance to fading and the degrading effects of sunlight.

Colorfastness – Sunbrella fibers are saturated with highly UV stable pigments. Traditional dyeing methods such as yarn or piece dyeing, only add color to the fiber exterior. Sunbrella fabrics’ performance characteristics are an integral part of the fabric, not an applied finish that would wash off over time. Think of a carrot versus a radish.

Durable – Sunbrella fabric retains its strength after years of cleaning and weathering.

Cleanable – Mild soap cleans most common stains. Using bleach or solvents for tough stains will not affect Sunbrella fabric, but don’t try this with other fabrics.

Luxurious touch – Sunbrella fabric has the soft hand of spun cotton for exceptional comfort.

Quality – Sunbrella fabric utilizes the finest raw materials, an ISO 9000 certified vertical manufacturing operation, on-site testing labs, and over forty-five years’ experience with performance fabrics.